Family History

Jay Industries is a community driven organization that is privately owned with considerable size and diversity. Through four generations, the pride and dedication of the Jay Industries Team has allowed the company to grow and excel in our area of expertise.

The company traces its heritage to 1917 when Glenn Taylor formed the Taylor Dise Company—a company producing radiant gas heaters. That beginning led to the formation of Taylor Metal Products in 1928.

In 1968, Dick Taylor, Glenn’s son, created Jay Plastics—an injection molding division. The next twenty years provided continued growth, in 1989 became a separate entity, and developed into a multi-faceted business led by Dick’s son, Rick. The organization officially became known as Jay Industries in 1995.

The company remains family owned and has continued to show growth in areas such as automotive, lawn and garden, agricultural, and other OEM Markets. As a vertically integrated metals manufacturer, Jay Industries has a unique ability to control the manufacturing process from the raw materials to the finished product while always maintaining superior quality standards and aggressive market pricing.


June 14

Glenn W. Taylor becomes sole proprietor of Taylor Fichter Machine Co.

Glenn bought out his partner, J.G. Fichter. Selling price $1,800.00, and was located on the corner of 5th and Elm St.
December 14

Taylor – Dise is formed

Glenn W. Taylor and Foster C. Dise (his brother-in-law) become partners. Their facility was located at 105 Miller St.

March 3

Taylor – Dise purchases the Alerding Company

Alerding Company manufactured wooden steering wheels, and was forced into bankruptcy when the automotive industry switched from the wooden to plastic steering wheels. At this time Taylor – Dise began manufacturing radiant heaters in a facility that was located on the current site of Nanogate North America.

June 29

Taylor Dise destroyed by fire


Upon returning from a family trip Glenn Taylor watched as his facility burned to the ground. Unswayed from this event, Glenn rebuilt on the surviving foundation, and leased the new building for the next 15 years to the Montgomery Ward Company and Nabisco Company.

January 1

Glenn and Richard Taylor launch Taylor Plating in Shiloh, Ohio.

The success of the plating business allowed the Taylor’s to purchase a building in front of their warehouse, and move their plating business from Shiloh.

January 1

Taylor Plating and Taylor Metal merge under the umbrella of Taylor Metal.

September 15

Glenn Taylor purchases 3 parcels of land on Springmill St. from Richland County Fairgrounds.

These parcels of land, purchase price of $93,500.00, are the current home of Taylor Metals.

January 1

Jay Plastics established by Dick Taylor

Why the name “Jay Plastics”? Three men came together with Dick to create this facility and he wanted to honor their contribution: John Torski, John Debo, John Ebinger…….”J” Plastics.

January 1

Rick Taylor joins Taylor Metal

As a recent graduate of Miami University, Rick was asked by his father if he would like to lead the plating operations.

January 1

Broshco Fabricated Products is established

Broshco was once housed within the same facility as Jay Plastics, and supplied parts for an existing contract Jay Plastics had with Honda. The name is a combination of Rick’s sons’ names: Brent and Josh.

January 1

Crestline Paint established.

The industry was quickly growing and the opportunities were endless. Seeing the need, Dick purchased an old factory from Crestline, OH, and sold it to Rick. Rick began painting parts from Jay Plastics and Broshco Fabricated Products, and named the facility Crestline Paint.

January 1

Scott Taylor joins Taylor Metal. With Mark Taylor joining in 1989.

Although Taylor Metal had always been a family business, it wasn’t until 1983 that Scott Taylor became a full time presence, followed by his brother Mark in 1987.

January 1

Jay Plastics and Taylor Plating separate.

The fourth quarter produced an immediate need for more space! Broshco Fabricating moves to its current location on Longview Avenue. Crestline Paint moves to the previous home of Broshco on Newman Street. Jay Plastics, a Division of Taylor Plating, becomes incorporated and all three businesses (Broshco, Crestline Paint, Jay Plastics) become Jay Plastics Inc.

January 1

Jay Industries is established

Rick created two divisions to better accommodate the needs of his clients. Jay Plastics would remain a sole entity, while Broshco, Kronis, Sarca, and Rohr would be housed under Jay Metals.

June 1

Kronis Coatings established.

With the ongoing expansion of his new industry, Jay Plastics, Rick opened Kronis to further corner the market on “one stop” manufacturing by adding Kronis for Powder Coating metals.

December 1

Sarca Manufacturing established

Robotic fabrication was the direction of the future, and Rick added Sarca to his enterprising year. Sarca is home to the bulk of Jay Industries agricultural production. The name is a combination of the names Carol (wife), and Rick’s daughter, Sarah.

May 1

Jay Mid-South established

Here we grow again! Rick purchased a warehouse in the southern town of Gadsden, AL to accommodate a contract with Hyundai Motor Company.

September 1

Brent Taylor named Vice President of Jay Metals

Although Brent was heading up the facility in Alabama, Rick saw a need for his son to steer the industry from the home office in Mansfield.

January 3

Jay Plastics sold


January 3, 2017 marked another major milestone for Rick Taylor. His original company, Jay Plastics, was purchased by Nanogate AG. While setting up provisions to ensure the employment of his current staff at Jay Plastics, Rick continues to lead the company through the transition of ownership.

Jay Metals Continues

With so many changes through the timeline of industry have you found yourself asking, “What makes Jay Industries?” We are three facilities Broshco, Kronis, and Sarca. We are a staff of dedicated employees. We are the product of the commitment of the Taylor family. We have withstood the changes that come with time, we have grown, and are proud to call Mansfield our community.